At ACI Jet, Every Employee Can Fly

ACI Jet’s Employee Flight Department is a one-of-a-kind offering for employees. Through the program, employees of any department, any level, have access to one of the company’s fleet of light airplanes for the purposes of flight training, short trips with family or friends, or commuting to company and industry events around the country–all at no cost to the employee through 2018.

The program, made possible by a generous contribution valued at more than $500,000 by ACI Jet’s Executive Vice President, Olivier Leclercq, comes with benefits for our clients, too. We've found that when employees know how to fly, they begin to understand the needs and concerns of our clients. And, when they’re empowered to make decisions while in flight that matter greatly, they carry that confidence with them into the workplace where their decisions matter most for our clients and their families.

The Fleet​
Cessna 172
Diamond DA40
Beechcraft A36 BonanzaBeechcraft A36 Bonanza
Employee Experiences

“The flying club has allowed me to build hours and gain valuable flight experience at a fraction of the cost. This allows me to work towards a career in the pilots’ seat much quicker.”
Alex Cole
Aircraft Ground Support Tech.

“I proposed to my fiancé in the Bonanza. It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m truly grateful to ACI Jet for making this great program available.”
​Matt Bouchenot
Pilot, Challenger 604

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