Efficiency, Accuracy and Communication: AOG the ACI Way


24-Hour Support | (805) 548-1350 | AOG@ACIJET.COM
Envision a Better Experience
  • Consistent communication on mandatory 2-hour update intervals

  • Findings, solutions and options delivered in real time

  • Photos and videos accompanying each transaction

  • Expedited services through a fostered network of personnel at key airports

  • Technicians trained in procuring necessary items in difficult locations and situations

  • Priority service and access to more parts and resources as part of our OEM authorizations

  • Modeled on our full-service 145 Repair Station with more robust inspections and better quality control

24-Hour Support | (805) 548-1350 | AOG@ACIJET.COM
A Word (or Two) About Safety

Safety isn’t just a goal, it’s a requirement. ACI Jet’s AOG maintenance service is operated under the same guidelines, safety policies and procedures as our Part 145 Repair Station, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve while scheduling maintenance services under stressful conditions.

Christopher Seabrook

AOG Manager
Mr. Seabrook manages ACI Jet's satellite maintenance bases, scheduling and daily operations of ACI Jet's AOG department. As a working manager, Chris can frequently be seen on the road, personally wrenching when an urgent maintenance event requires all hands on deck.

When the most complex and demanding type of aircraft
maintenance is required, there is no substitute to AOG the ACI way.

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