Safety isn't just important, it's a core value.

IS-BAO incorporates the International Standards and recommended practices for the operation of business aviation aircraft.

ARGUS Charter operator ratings are the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality.

The Wingman Standard provides clients with a safety benchmark, allowing them to assess performance expectations against recognized industry best operating practices.

ACSF allows the business, charter and fractional industry to offer the safest air transportation products in the world

The Highest 3rd Party Safety Ratings

Fly with the confidence of not just one stamp of approval, but three. ACI Jet proudly holds the ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and ISBAO certifications.  To obtain these credentials, ACI Jet’s people, processes, and operations are subjected to an extensive 3 day on-site audit by an independent team of aviation professionals.  Because ACI Jet has its own Maintenance and Ground Support Services, these areas are evaluated as well.  Each certification requires its own audit every 2 years which means in addition to FAA inspections; we average a third party audit every 8 months.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

ACI Jet has an in-depth Safety and Quality Management System (“SQMS”) that would rival that of many much larger organizations.  While only scheduled airlines are required to have such a system, ACI Jet has voluntarily chosen to hold itself to a higher standard by implementing an SQMS system that is fully compliant with Part 5 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

This system is built to foster open and honest input from the ACI Jet team and to ensure that everyone’s ideas and thoughts related to safety and quality are given proper consideration and that best practices are implemented throughout the organization.  Also, unlike larger companies, there are no barriers between leadership and ACI Jet’s front line personnel.  Our unique size allows for regular and meaningful interaction between Senior Management and ACI Jet’s pilots, mechanics, and line personnel.  The ability to quickly assemble everyone and openly discuss a potential  issue or idea gives ACI Jet the power to provide its customers with creative transportation solutions that ensure the highest levels of safety and service.

Safety Management Program
Complies With All
​FAA FAR 5 Requirements

Rooted in True Concern

As a smaller company that truly knows its team and its customers, we have a genuine heart felt concern for each and every operation.  We know the crews personally, the passengers personally, and have a genuine desire to take care of our friends.  It's a level of concern that simply can't be bought and can only exist in an organization where a commitment to quality is more important than size.

Committed to Doing the Right Thing

Talk to our customers and you'll find that we always do the right thing.  ACI Jet operates in a manner consistent with its core values, and believes that acting with integrity and a sense of fairness creates more value and trust for our clients in the long run.  It is part of what allowed our company to grow.

Based in San Luis Obispo, California since 1998, ACI Jet is a global aviation company providing world-class corporate aircraft management, charter, maintenance and ground support services. Recognized as an industry leader in service, safety, and flight support, ACI Jet is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing unparalleled private aviation experiences.

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