Our Story

ACI Jet was founded in 1998 by William (Bill) Borgsmiller, who had the desire to create an organization that fueled his passion and provided unparalleled private aviation experience through authentic customer relationships. As both a licensed pilot and mechanic, Bill lived and worked out of a small hangar with a Piper Seneca III that served as the company’s first charter aircraft. In early 2002, ACI Jet added the first jet aircraft to its certificate, a Citation CJ2, and hasn’t looked back since.

Today, ACI Jet employs more than 200 people, operates a fleet of 14 private jet aircraft, three executive terminals and FBOs, one self-service fuel service location, and a multi-million dollar maintenance facility. While ACI Jet has grown by leaps and bounds, our passion for excellence, service and integrity remains unchanged.


Always Deliver More Than Expected.

ACI Jet Culture

Culture cannot be quantified, but it can be felt. Whether flying, fixing, or fueling our collaborative culture celebrates and promotes fresh ideas, out of the box solutions, and a "can do" attitude.

Our core values of safety, integrity, professionalism and fun dominate how we approach our work. On any given day, you will find us giving our best in order to try and be the best. With a focus on positivity, team work and strong communication ACI Jet strives to be not just be a place to work, but a place to thrive.

Want to Join Our Team?

Our people make all the difference.

We are a creative, curious, passionate and smart group of people dedicated to delivering the ultimate experience in aviation.

We care about people. Our dedication to safety, professionalism, expertise and excellence is second to none. We believe that being better at who we are and what we do isn't just a nice goal to aspire to. For us, it is an inate desire to be the best at what we do.


"ACI Jet is an exciting place to work that doesn't feel like work, everyday is different, and it is a really fun team to be a part of."

Whitney Schultz - Manager, FBO Safety & Compliance

Based in San Luis Obispo, California since 1998, ACI Jet is a global aviation company providing world-class corporate aircraft management, charter, maintenance and ground support services. Recognized as an industry leader in service, safety, and flight support, ACI Jet is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing unparalleled private aviation experiences.

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