ACI Expands Fleet - Adds Two Citation CJ2s and a Challenger 604

San Luis Obispo, California

Aviation Consultants, Inc (certificate W9BA551H), located on the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo (KSBP), announces the addition of three new aircraft to its fleet: Two Citation CJ2's and one Challenger 604. All aircraft are managed by ACI, maintained by ACI Jet Solutions, and are based out of KSBP.

After seven years, ACI marks the return to light jets with the addition of two new CJ2's. Offering more speed, longer range, faster climb, and a roomier cabin than their turboprop competitors, these 6+1 passenger light jets are a great compliment to the company's heavy and mid-size fleet. Both CJ2's have refurbished interiors, are equipped with WIFI, and will be available for charter later this month.

The Challenger 604 is one of Bombardier's most preeminent aircraft and is a first for the ACI fleet. Delivering superior power, versatility, and reliability, this powerful jet has the ability to fly coast-to-coast or internationally nonstop. Providing spacious seating for up to ten passengers, this CL-604 features a full galley, a cabin accessible luggage compartment, and will be available for charter this Fall.

"We are excited with the diversity that these aircraft will bring to our fleet," said Trevor Totman, ACI Dispatch Manager. "By adding two light jets and an additional heavy jet, we can now offer our clients a myriad of options to fit their specific mission."

ACI’s fleet available for charter now consists of 1 Gulfstream IVSP, 1 Challenger 604, 2 Citation XLS’s, 2 Citation Excels, 1 Citation X and 2 Citation CJ2's. For more information, please contact our flight operations department at or visit our website at

About ACI

Aviation Consultants, Inc (ACI) is a global aviation company providing corporate aircraft management and world class charter services. Recognized as an industry leader in service, safety, and flight support, ACI is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing a seamless and unparalleled private travel experience. Based out of San Luis Obispo, California since 1999, ACI operates a fleet of large, mid-size, and light private jets consisting of late model Gulfstream IVSP’s, Challenger 604's, Citation Excels, Citation X’s and Citation CJ2's. For more information about ACI, please visit our company’s website at

Based in San Luis Obispo, California since 1998, ACI Jet is a global aviation company providing world-class corporate aircraft management, charter, maintenance and ground support services. Recognized as an industry leader in service, safety, and flight support, ACI Jet is committed to exceeding client expectations by providing unparalleled private aviation experiences.

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