Viasat Announces End-of-Life Dates for Viasat Ku Services in Business Aviation Market

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In a recent update, Viasat has officially confirmed the end-of-life dates for its Viasat Ku services catering to the Business Aviation market. This announcement comes with important dates that aircraft operators should take note of to ensure a smooth transition. Let’s delve into the crucial details and understand the impact of these changes.

Important Dates to Remember

  1. End of Ku Services Sale – January 12th, 2024
    As of January 12th, 2024, Viasat has ceased the sale of Ku services for the Business Aviation market. No new activations for Viasat Ku services are available.
  2. End of Viasat Ku Hardware Repair – January 1st, 2025
    Starting from January 1st, 2025, Viasat will discontinue hardware repairs for Viasat Ku equipment. Operators are advised to take note that no repairs will be available beyond this date. However, Viasat will maintain a limited exchange pool to support equipment failures after this cut-off date.
  3. End of Life for All Viasat Ku Services – January 30th, 2026
    The ultimate closure of all Viasat Ku services for Business Aviation customers is scheduled for January 30th, 2026. From this date onward, Viasat Ku services will no longer be available, marking the end of an era for this technology in the Business Aviation sector.

No Impact to Ka-Equipped Aircraft

While Viasat Ku services are phasing out, Viasat reassures users that the Ka services will continue to operate and be supported beyond the specified end-of-life dates. This means that aircraft equipped with Viasat Ka services will experience no disruptions, ensuring a seamless transition for those utilizing this technology.

Ku-to-Ka Transition Options

To facilitate a smooth transition, Viasat has introduced several options for operators looking to move from Viasat Ku to Viasat Ka services:

Updated Sales Bulletin with Extended Validity
Viasat has updated its Sales Bulletin from August 2023, extending the validity date. Operators making the transition will also benefit from three months of no charge service. All other incentive pricing in the Sales Bulletin remains in effect.

ACI Jet Viasat Authorized DealerFinancial Incentives for Jet ConneX-Compatible Terminal Installation
In addition to the updated Sales Bulletin, Viasat is expanding its Ku-to-Ka transition options by offering attractive financial incentives for the installation of a Jet ConneX-compatible terminal. These incentives include a rebate to the operator upon the completion of a Ku-to-Ka upgrade, along with the return of the removed Ku equipment.

These Jet ConneX incentives are administered through Viasat’s service partners, including Collins Aerospace, Honeywell, and Satcom Direct. Operators interested in these incentives are encouraged to contact ACI Jet for specific details on the program.

Viasat’s strategic approach to the end-of-life transition for Viasat Ku services ensures that operators have ample time to plan and adopt newer technologies. The introduction of incentives and extended support for Ka services reflects Viasat’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the Business Aviation market. | (805) 548-1350

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